The Artist…


RB racing a CZ75 9mmPhoto is thanks to avid pistol shooter and art director “Jim-Bob” Haynes. Note brass in the air and muzzle back on target.

I was born in the Ozark Mountains in 1946. You’re not going to believe this one (but, my Mom knows it’s true) I had my first illustration published in a national magazine when I was six. And, in less politically correct times, I learned to shoot in the Boy Scouts at age ten. Remember those old Savage single shot .22’s?

Later, my high school sweetheart and I spent hours on the dock blowing the heads off of snapping turtles with a .410/.22 O&U. At least that’s what we were doing some of the time. (I shoulda’ married that girl!)

I worked my way through high school and college as a portrait painter, illustrator and graphic artist, and made enough money to buy a Healey and a Jag as well as pay for school. When I moved to the big City of Kansas I got hooked on long-legged women and motorcycles. Motocross bikes (when it was all still dirt field amateur stuff) CZ’s, Puchs, Bultacos, et al. I married the wrong long legged woman and tried to kill myself several times on my scooters!

By 1968 I was a full-fledged ad agency whore and prime draft meat. When the D.O.D. came knocking at my door, I took a consulting job with a now defunct arms manufacturer, fulfilling my obligation to the nation, without actually serving in the military. That job did not, however, keep me out of the tropics, and gave me a certain familiarity with suppressed weapons and sub machine guns (also a certain familiarity with infections of the middle ear and lower G.I.!)

Always an adrenaline junky, I moved on to sports car racing in the mid 70’s and spent 20 years spending all my money and spare time building and racing prototypes until I wasn’t a young man anymore, and the urologist gave me the choice of racing or peeing. That was a tougher choice than you might think!

Since 1971, I’ve run my own advertising creative consulting business as designer, illustrator, visualizer and creative director, working on stuff for folks like: Blockbuster, DeBeers, Hallmark, Kodak, Porsche, Rolex, Russell-Stover, Scuduria Ferrari, and Wal-Mart.

When the “wonder nines” started lighting up the handgun market in the mid 80’s, I got back into firearms seriously and have been shooting autos and teaching combat pistol craft ever since. Oh yea, I got rid of the wrong long legged woman and married the right red-headed life partner!

In October 2000 Lynette (the aforementioned red-head) and I launched this internet business to market my exclusive line of gun graphics. New pieces will be added every so often, so check back often to see what’s new, especially if your brand or model isn’t currently listed.